1/10 Raven ST RTR von Horizon

1/10 Raven ST RTR

Key Features


The new Sportwerks™ Raven ST is the perfect truck for new RC enthusiasts. The completely ready-to-run package includes everything you need to get started bashing around the backyard or the track, and it’s at a price that’s perfect for just starting out. The Raven™ ST doesn’t skimp on the race-inspired features though, including a new Dynamite® Tazer™ 15T electronic speed control, Sportwerks 19-turn modified motor, Sportwerks 2-channel AM pistol-grip radio system, aluminum shocks with threaded bodies, complete ball bearings and much more.

Needed to Complete

8 "AA" Alkaline batteries for the transmitter

Charger for 7.2v battery pack (DYN4036 or equivalent)


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